Candidate Care

Welcome to Volt's European Contractor Charter

Through its Contractor charter, Volt is committed to providing you with the support you need, be it your first mission or the 100th! With Volt, you are in good hands. Our company has been working with freelancers since 1978, and knows the many constraints they face. The Charter facilitates recruitment by providing an optimal level of service, allowing you to focus on what you do best. 

By adapting to each country, Volt is committed to:

  • Appoint a personal manager who will take care of you throughout your mission

  • To contact you regularly and to meet you in person

  • Provide you with a 'welcome' pack when you start

  • Explain the process of recording working time and billing

  • You communicate the details of the members of the Volt team

  • Give you answers to the most common questions

  • You explain the contract options if it's your first contract

  • Help you find a home 

  • Give you travel literature

  • Advise you in case of relocation

  • Meet you when you start

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Contact the Volt team to learn more about the Charter