UK's new Industrial Strategy: Analysis of the Sectors it Affects

Jordan Bradley

Theresa May announced the UK's revamped industrial strategy on the 23rd of January - but how does it impact your sector and organisation?

What Does it Take to be a Great Recruiter? 12 Considerations

Jocelyne Martinez

How can you become a great recruiter? There's no magic formula, but there are certain elements to being a great recruiter that you should pay attention to.

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How to choose the right Total Talent Management provider

Christina Williams

Selecting the most appropriate TTM solutions provider can be a tricky decision - it's a big commitment that you need to be clued up on - so have a read.

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Global Recruitment: What are the Challenges?

George Mears

Whilst it's work to be proud of, managing recruitment on a global scale comes with its challenges. Read on for what they are and how they can be overcome.

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Real Talent vs. Robots: Will your job be automated by 2035?

Phoebe Hadley

How likely is your job to be automated in the future? Phoebe reviews the study into this issue and provides some answers on this pressing matter.

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